Vermont Playwrights Take the Virtual Stage

Island Stage will air Fruit of the Zoom, a festival of six short plays by Vermont playwrights, find the link to the Island Stage YouTube page here, Saturday, March 20 at 7pm.

Island Stage is very sorry for the disappointment and any inconvenience our having to postpone the Festival may have caused you!!

We encountered unanticipated challenges uploading certain music to YouTube, which we couldn’t solve by the deadline.

The show will be available by clicking the video below, after Saturday, March 20 @ 7 PM.

While COVID might keep us physically apart, Zoom gives us the unique opportunity to work with artists from all over. Join us for a wonderful chance to experience creative, relatable, and remote storytelling in your own home.

The performances are free, but donations are welcome. Donation button is located at the bottom of the page. The plays cover the spectrum from comic to mysterious to existential, so there is something for everyone.

Program Details:

Noni Stuart Producer
Jillian Holland Stage Manager
Shannon Sanborn Technical Director

Please click HERE for bios.

Improv with Sasha by Lesley Becker 
Lesley Becker  Director  
Dana BlockMaggie  
Ariella MandelAshley  
Andy HamlingCraig
Torri Hixon  Mariana
Paul Cavaliere  Charles
Back of the Line by Susan Loynd & Ashley Hall 
Shannon Sanborn  Director  
Ashley Hall  Megan  
Susan LoyndLiz
The Photograph by Dvora Zipkin   
Dvora Zipkin  Director  
Andra Krushenick Kisler  Patty  
Shanon Sidell  Zipporah  
Perfect Match by Jeanne Beckwith 
Jillian HollandDirector
Lindsey WhiteMaria
Dom Wood  Calvin  
Zoom Reunion by Jeanne Beckwith   
Noni Stuart  Director  
Tara OReilly  Anna  
Andra Krushenick Kisler  Inez  
Doug Bergstein  Nathan  
Paul Cavaliere  Jeremy  
Dream Circle by Pamela Formica   
Natasha Mieszkowski  Director  
Josh Neilson  Al  
Mary Scripps  Elaine  
Laine Gillespie  Liza  
Dawn Kearon  Kat  
Bob Carmody  Larry  

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