Island Stage is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

We need your support! It takes a village to build a theater and keep it running with lights, sets, make-up, costumes, acting, the plays, a crew to run these shows and a building to house all of it in…..

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All members will get our free monthly newsletter and name in the program for the season. Depending on what level of membership you decide to give, you may also get the following: tickets to our show, free entrance to our fundraisers, and preferred seating for the season.

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 Sponsoring helps us buy rights to Season Shows, develop new plays by local playwrights and help us to create events where we can raise more money that will help us build our Community Center. Sponsoring a show grants you Ad Space in our programs for that show.

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Making a donation of any amount toward Island Stage, Inc. gets us that much closer to putting on more memorable, fun and top-notch entertainment. Donating to the theater will allow you access to our monthly news letter and a mention in all of our programs for the season.

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* What can be better than Money? Your Time. If you feel like you can donate your time and particular skill to us, in exchange for your hours, we would be happy to offer any one of the following above options to you.